How do you choose the right real estate agent?

02 June 2017

Being a Real Estate Agent is a prominently sought after career with many benefits and rewards. The Real Estate Industry is a very competitive industry, so where do you start and how do you go about choosing a Real Estate Agent in your area. There are numerous Estate Agents advertising online, as well as print media like flyers, billboards, dustbins and more.

Finding the perfect real estate agent isn’t just about picking one with the brightest smile but about considering their key aspects, their strengths and weaknesses and entrusting them to get the job done in the correct and law-abiding manner.

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Key elements to consider while choosing the right real estate agent:

Consider expenses
First things first, consider the expensive of the type of agent you are looking for. Having a budget is crucial and will draw the outline of the type of agency that can be used. Naturally, the more money that can be invested the better as this will ensure a high-end agent is available that has been in the field and who has racked up a list of practical experience. The more practical experience, just like any other field, ensures that they know what they are doing and know just how to get the job done - be that in selling or buying.

Personal and Business Past
The name and popularity of an agent speaks volumes in this industry and even speaks numbers. One tiny slip can cause a long list of red flags that potential clients should consider and know what they are getting themselves into. A person’s domicile contains personal rights and if their rights or claims are infringed the consequences with the law may be futile.

Licensing and Credentials
It’s important when doing your research to look up the Real Estate Agents Licensing and credentials to ensure that they are qualified and well educated enough to handle whatever is needed of them. Ensuring they are licensed and have no disciplinary actions or complaints against them will make entrusting an agent with a task an easy matter and eliminate most of the stress that is involved. Agents endorse their own name and specialities in regards to their employment and by doing so achieving additional training. An agent with additional training (credentials such as NQF, PPRE and MPRE) implies that they are disciplined and take their careers serious.

Success Rate and Reputation
Choosing an estate agent with impressive sales (successive) success rate should be fundamental, but is not the only factor to consider.Customer service and the agent’s reputation in the industry is vitally important.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions or to see their previous and current listings. If an agent is unwilling to share their work, it is a clear indication that there is something unflattering lurking in the background. Go online and search their names, read articles about them and when an agent is found that gives a flattering vibe, call them and meet face to face to find out if they are suitable to your needs.

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