What services should a local Property Consultant offer?

03 February 2017

A Property Consultant advises, advocates, analyses, reports and provides strategy in the field of real estate and property. It is a process that requires technical competency across a broad range of property matters, along with sound, critical enquiry.

Local Property Consultant

The Property Consultant is the link between defining the problem and devising a solution of measurable economic value. By definition, the Consultant is a broad based role, within which there are specialist operators providing advice. A property consultant takes pride in their attitude towards professionalism and they are extremely determined in being committed to getting the job done correctly, with happy clients.

They must have detailed knowledge of property, contract and agency laws relevant to buying, selling and leasing property as well as knowledge of the building industry, building techniques, zoning requirements and other related developments in and around their community. It is also important for a Property Consultant to possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to work as a team member.

Here is a list of what a property consultant should offer you in terms of services:

  • Listing of properties for sale or rent with well-worded descriptions, professional photos and also video (when applicable)
  • The offering of a sole mandate for the seller to consider. This gives a greater chance for a quicker sale, due to more resources allocated to the sale
  • Advertising of the property for sale or rent using adequate on location signage, the internet and other marketing mediums, like print media
  • Some property consultants work in teams, which can offer better availability and selling ability
  • Demonstrate the property to prospective buyers and tenants with open homes
  • Evaluate buyer or tenancy applications including extensive financial requirements and national database reference and credit checks
  • Prepare the in-going property condition report including full video and photos (rental properties)
  • Prepare buyer, seller or tenancy documentation in compliance with legislation
  • Competency in the legal completion of purchase or tenancy documentation and the collection of initial monies, deposits and other fees
  • Collection of tenants rental monies monthly
  • Tribunal representation on behalf of the landlord
  • Carry out periodic tenancy inspections
  • Review rent levels
  • Arrange repairs and maintenance
  • Pay property outgoings like insurance, water rates, rates and land tax
  • Prepare and lodge insurance claims if necessary
  • Conduct outgoing property condition reports
  • Communicate with landlords and tenants on property related issues
  • Negotiation competency and conflict resolution
  • Mitigate risk to the owners with advice as required

Property Consultants require a wide variety of skills, knowledge, negotiation experience and personal qualities to operate in a demanding industry. The company should be focused on providing their customer with exceptional personalised service and must be available at all reasonable hours.

They should act in the best interest of all parties involved and should be able to negotiate the successful sale of properties, advise property owners and buyers on market condition and conduct appraisals. They should also be able to take meticulous note as to the terms and methods by which the property is to be sold and implement everything within the code of conduct and ethics guidelines of the Estate Agency Affairs Board .

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